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DOVSADER, is the association of Turkish forging industry, covering almost all the sectors where forgings are used, namely automotive, construction, mining, oil, gas, railway, aerospace, marine,agriculture, material handling and defence.

Turkey, being one of the geographical hubs, is developing in all business fields and forging companies, taking their role, are presenting economical and quality solutions for customers.

Combining the traditional forging techniques with modern intelligent systems, forgings are one of the basic sectors making the industry run.
Forging is one of the most environmental industries,
the steel, the scrap and the side products are almost 100% renewable.

Thanks to the development in lightweight, alternative materials, modern powertrain solutions in EV, so forgings contribute more and more in reducing CO2 emmision.
DOSADER is a member of EUROFORGE, the umbrella organization of the European national associations for the forging industry, since 2006.
Today, European forging industry is making an annual output of 6 million tons of forged products.

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